Course Outlines

Be sure to ask your professor, or check out their web page, for the specific class syllabi and/or requirements. The course outlines here only contain the typical topics to be covered in each course. They are not to be used as class syllabi. For courses not listed here, contact the individual professor teaching your class.

First-Year Mathematics:

Calculus Sequence:
The calculus sequence below is designed for scientific and technical fields of study; see your advisor if you have any questions about which calculus course to take.

2000 and up Mathematics Courses:

Statistics Courses:

Operational Research Courses:

Mathematics Education Courses:

  • MATH 1340: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
  • MATH 1341: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
  • MATH 2340: Number Concepts and Relationships
  • MATH 2341: Algebra and Algebraic Structures
  • MATH 2342: Data Analysis and Probability
  • MATH 2343: Geometry and Measurement
  • MAED 4103: Using Technology to Teach Secondary School Mathematics
  • MAED 4105: Geometry in the Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum
  • MAED 4232: Teaching Mathematics to Middle School Learners
  • MAED 4252: Teaching Mathematics to Secondary School Learners