Stat 2122 Course Outline

Check with your instructor for the class syllabus, exam schedules and textbook information.


Lecture                   Topic

      1                         Introduction;  Probability; Events

      2                         Combination of Events

      3                        Conditional Probability;   Probability of Intersections

      4                        Posterior Probability

      5                       Counting Techniques; Discrete Random Variables

      6                       Continuous Random Variables

      7                       Expectation of Random Variables

      8                      REVIEW / TEST 1

      9                      Variance of Random Variables;  Jointly Distributed Random Variables

    10                     Functions of Random Variables

    11                      Binomial Distribution;    Hypergeometrical Distribution

    12                     Poisson Distribution

    13                     Uniform Distribution;   Exponential Distribution

    14                     Normal Distribution;    Linear Combination of Normal Distributions

    15                     Approximating Distributions by Normal Ones, CLT

    16                     Distributions Related to Normal Ones:

    17                     Lognormal, Chi-Square, t-, F-Distributions, Multivariate Normal Distribution

    18                    REVIEW/TEST 2

    19                    Samples;  Data Representation (Histograms, etc.)

    20                    Sample Statistics (Mean, Variance, etc.)

    21                    Point Estimates;   Properties of Point Estimates

    22                    Sampling Distribution;  Constructing Point Estimates

    23                    Confidence Intervals

    24                    Hypothesis Testing

    25                    Summary

    26                    REVIEW/TEST 3

    27                    Comparing Two Population Means;  Paired Samples

    28                    Independent Samples

    29                    Inference on Population Preparation

    30                    Linear Regression Model;  Linear Regression Line

    31                    Hypothesis Testing for the Slope;  Coefficients of Determination and Correlation