Honors Program

The purpose of the honors program in mathematics is to stimulate the imagination and deepen the understanding of students by encouraging independent study, and to provide recognition of exceptional achievements in mathematics. Students who complete the requirements of the program graduate with honors in mathematics.

Admission. Entrance to the Mathematics Department Honors Program is granted by the Mathematics Department, based on the following minimum requirements:

(1) junior or senior standing;

(2) at least 20 hours in mathematics, including MATH 1241, 1242, 2241, 2171, 2164 and 3163; and

(3) a grade point average of not less than 3.0 in mathematics courses and in all University courses.

Students must apply to the Mathematics Department for admission to the program, and if admitted, must select a mathematics faculty member who is willing to serve as an honors adviser. The Department recommends students admitted to the program to the University Honors Council for formal admission to honors candidacy. (In order to graduate with honors the University requires that students be admitted to honors candidacy at least two semesters before graduation.)

Courses. A Junior Honors Seminar (MATH 3790) and a Senior Honors Tutorial (MATH 3791) are offered, both of which may be repeated for credit.

Certification Requirements. The requirements for graduation with honors are:

(1) completion of all requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a grade point average of 3.00 or better;

(2) a grade point average of 3.25 or better in all mathematics, operations research or statistics courses, and a GPA of 3.5 or better in all mathematics honors courses;

(3) completion of at least three hours of Senior Honors Tutorial (MATH 3791) with a GPA of 3.5 or better, culminating in an honors thesis approved by the Mathematics Department; and

(4) recommendation by the Mathematics Department to the University Honors Council that the student graduate with honors.

Either the student or the Department may withdraw the student from the Department Honors Program. If the date for dropping courses has passed when the student leaves the program,the student must complete any courses currently in progress in order to receive passing grades in the courses.

All students planning to graduate with honors must submit to the Honors College an Application to Candidacy Form by the deadline the semester PRIOR to the semester in which they expect to complete the thesis/project. Guidelines on the application to candidacy process, here.

Other benefits of being in the Honors Program include priority registration, honors housing in the new Levine Hall, honors advising, the ability to work closely with professors, honors networking opportunities, among others. 


All students planning to graduate with honors must submit to the Honors College an Application to Candidacy Form with a thesis/project proposal by the deadline the semester PRIOR to the semester in which they expect to complete the thesis/project. This process includes review of the proposal by Honors Faculty and sometimes requires revisions. Plan ahead and contact your honors program director Dr. Adriana Ocejo in your junior year to facilitate this process; she as well as your thesis advisor and any reader(s), must review the proposal and approve it via signature before submission.  This Application to Candidacy process is required before taking any honors thesis/project courses on campus. For more information, including the form, deadlines, and guidelines, see: http://honorscollege.uncc.edu/students. Students who fail to complete this required step will not be able to proceed with the thesis/project, nor graduate with honors.   Please email Dr. Adriana Ocejo at amonge2@uncc.edu