A major in mathematics for the B.S. degree consists of a minimum of 40 semester hours of approved mathematics courses. In addition to the requirements for the B.A. degree, the B.S. degree in mathematics requires the completion of six additional hours of approved mathematics, operations research or statistics courses numbered 3000 or above (exclusive of MATH 3163) including MATH 3141, 3142, and at least one course from among MATH 3123, 4163, 4164, and 4181; as well as a minimum of 11 hours of science courses.

Students  graduating with a B.S. degree in mathematics must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 in each of the following categories: (1) all courses applied toward the degree, (2) all mathematics courses applied toward the degree, and (3) all mathematics courses  at the 2000 level and above.

Advising course worksheets for this degree: