Labs for MATH 2171: Differential Equations

Introduction to MAPLE

Maple 9 is a computer program that can do much of thework involved in algebraic manipulation of symbols for you. For example,in solving some kinds of differential equations, one step in the processis the factorization of a polynomial. Suppose you are required to factorthe polynomial 8x6 - 60x5 + 162x4- 157x3 - 63x2 + 216x - 108.Upon entering this polynomial into the computer and typing the factor command,Maplereturns the result

(x - 2)2(x+ 1)(2x - 3)3.

In a series of computer labs which run parallel to the course,you will explore a few of the capabilities of Maple, andhopefully come to appreciate it as a tool that can help you succeed inyour future academic and professional career. Most labs are divided into two parts. In the first, you mimic the solution of a problem, enteringthe commands that are printed in red. In the processyou learn relevant Maple commands, and their syntax. In the second part of the lab, you use what you have just learned to solveseveral problems on your own.

This page is a list of all of the Maple labs for MATH 2171. They willrun properly using the Sun workstations and the MOSAIC system, but maynot run on a PC which has loaded on it an old version of Maple.

In order to run a particular lab on the Mosaic system you will wantto copy the worksheet to your own Maple directory. For the sake of an examplewe will assume that your userid is twjeffer and your home directoryis /afs/ Your Maple directoryis then $HOME/maple or /afs/ if you know how to set up helper applications with Netscapeor Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you will need todownload a copy. While helper applications are easy to set up, they donot automatically save a copy of the document and you may need to comeback to your document later and make some changes.

To download each lab, click on the highlighted (blue) text with therightmouse button.  Choose Save Link Target as ? andmake sure that you are downloading to your Maple directory (or your floppy,if you want to try to do the lab on another system). (Look at the stringin the box labeled "filter" to make sure where the file will go; changethe path and click on "filter" if necessary.) You can accept the filenamethat is suggested by the web browser, or choose your own. Again,be carefulinto which directory you download the file  and remember the filename!

After you have downloaded the file, you can quit the web browser thatyou are using and start Maple. You should have received instructions aboutthat, but some are included below.

Maple 12 Worksheets (Right Click and Choose "Save Link As...")

Instructions for beginning a Maple session

At a Mosaic terminal, enter your userid and hit return, then type your password and type return. It will time, but a window entitled Untitled(1) - [Server 1] will appear. Move the mouse so that the little arrow points to the title and click on it, and the window becomes active.You are now in a position to enter commands, to which Maplewill respond interactively. Click on Introduction to Maple Worksheetsaboveto learn how to create, edit, save, and print Maple worksheets.