Dimensional Analysis and Its Applications in Statistics

September 22, 2016

Date: October 28th, 2016

Time and location:  11:00am-12:00noon, Fretwell 315

Speaker:  Dennis K. J. Lin, Ph.D, University Distinguished Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics, The Pennsylvania State University

Abstract: Dimensional Analysis (DA) is a fundamental method in the engineering and physical sciences for analytically reducing the number of experimental variables prior to the experimentation.  The principle use of dimensional analysis is to reduce from a study of the dimensions of the variables on the form of any possible relationship between those variables.  The method is of great generality.  In this talk, an overview/introduction of DA will be first given.  A basic guideline for applying DA will be proposed, using examples for illustration.  Some initial ideas on using DA for Data Analysis and Data Collection will be discussed.  Future research issues will be proposed

(Hosted by Dr. Jiancheng Jiang, UNC Charlotte)